Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yarn Hop - Alamitos Bay & Liscat

So we went on this awesome yarn ho on saturday. I got lambs pride from Alamitos Bay Yarn Co. http://www.yarncompany.com/ It's one of my favorite shops, 1- for layout, 2 for quality. i like the way it feels. However Liscat's http://www.liscat.biz/home new shop freaking rocks my socks right off! i wanted to hide in the back and live there! It's like the owner, Katrina, reached into my yarn shop dreams and made it a reality. If you are nearby- you have to go!


this is what i got on our trip......

Lambs Pride for Hedgehog. I started the hedgehog Sat Night and finished Tuesday Morning, crying baby and all! It was pretty fast!
and here it is: (no name for it yet- Diane has tramatized me on nameing my animals)

Don't get me started on issues i had with this. Lets just say- if you make this, try to get the funfur to be similar to the felting wool. And pink and black look a little like hairplugs. But Harper likes it! i also got this for Hedgehog #2..... i have higher hopes for this one.

and here is some handpainted Arucania- very nice!

I am on a "yarn diet" of sorts...it's called "single income family" so i spent about $40 for the day. i also got this wonderful water bottle at Liscat!

and on the baby front....Harper is not rolling over! Yeah she did it like 3 times 2 weeks ago, and now, it's like she forgot! I guess I should be happy that she will stay imobile a little longer...but i really like it when she learns new tricks! :) We used some special cradle cap shampoo on her and it makes her hair greasy! see.....

more later...gotta go feed the baby.....again.


Jennifer said...

Visiting LB next week and want to check out Liscat shop, but unable to open liscat.biz to find out where to go. Can you tell me? Thanks!

Laura said...

(562) 433-1733
5423 Village Road
Long Beach, CA 90815