Saturday, March 7, 2009


I got Music- and I have a new bag line coming out now!
more soon!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Harper is 1 year old this month!

Hello there! I have been super busy making sure my new etsy site is up and running well…but here are some updates about me and the fam!

Harper is 1 years old. Wow. She is walking and prefers that to everything else, except of course being carried. Ha. Harper is growing in leaps and bounds everyday.
Here are some stats for her at 1 years old:
Started running (a little) Wednesday, at the Shops at Mission play area. BTW she loves the park and the play area! She just wonders around, occasionally shouting something unintelligible to a child that sprints by her at mach speeds. She is pretty sturdy too- several kids threatened to knock her down with their whipping and sprinting and cir de sole type acrobatics.
She loves to watch other kids. She gets really happy when she sees a picture of a baby- however, actual babies don’t really do anything for her….is that odd?
She says “yumm yum yum” when she wants to eat- often misunderstood as momomomom- and ignored. L
When you say Quack- she looks or picks up her duck- ribit-her frog, moo….moo is a tough one. She calls a lot of things moo….i’m not sure why.

She is now eating little versions of the food we eat. I make her a little snack lunch on a plate that stays on the tray- and she eats every bite. I love it, sometimes I catch her so enjoying her meals that she is hyperventilating with glee.
When she is done she removes her bib and throws any remaining food or drink on the floor. Yay me.
Her birthday was awesome. We had it at a park that is adjacent to the High School I went to. Nothing too big- I could not reconcile spending a lot on a birthday she isn’t even going to remember. We took tons of video though. It will be remembered for the family and people that were there. She got her first chance at a jungle gym- and she love love loved it!

As for me- she is wearing me out!
I am so happy, starting this new business is one of the many great things that has happened in the last year. I love working for myself. I am a pretty harsh boss- I make myself get up earlier everyday cause I think Harper has mommy radar that makes her wake up when I wake up- regardless of the time! Its frustrating!
But I have a lot instore for my store! Here are some new items!!!
I am now on twitter- www.twitter/slippedstitchca

Do you feel thirsty? It must just be me.....

NEW! KITS for knitters! Great for swap partners and hard to get friends!

Hard to find CARE CARDS: intruction cards on how to care for a knitted item! Great for gifts!!! Cuz Nobody wants to felt things on accident!

ALSO!!! I am mentioned in this blog!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I got a, not a real job- shut up.

So while no one was looking, I started a buisness!
I have been selling handmade items for knitters and crochets on ETSY!
It has been great! I love working with beautiful fabrics, and makeing project bags, needle/hook organizers, and stitch markers.
Soon to come, other notions for crafters! I am working on a pattern for smaller on-the-go needle holders. So we will see!
Here are a few of my favorite items so far!