Friday, September 19, 2008

a little late...i know

So on August 23rd 2008- Venus Got Married!

Nick, Harper and I all drove up the 101 to SLO County to see her! (Of Course we stopped at EVERY yarn shop up till Solvang!)

Venus got married in a barn in Coyucus. It is a cute little beachy town. that has a little farm area on its edge. We had so much fun, besides yarn shops, we also went to the Green Acres Lavender Farm in Atascadero. That was awesome, they have a little giftshop with some nice little gifties.....i had fun.

Harper had a hard time though- it was her first roadtrip and at 6months all she really knows how to do is show us when she is uncomforatable....which she did.... a lot.....

All in all we had a pretty good time. Got to see my friend of 22years....if you can believe that....we met when i was 5...! wow.

Now.... about the yarn hopping:

I went to Santa Barbara- and i visited 3 yarn shops there. the Loop and leaf was so nice! i really wish we had a shop like that down here. I don' t think i would ever leave! This place is a tea house and a yarn shop! And it was the purr-fect place to hunker down with a good yarn and a cup!

Next i went to the Knit&Purl boutique is very nice, cute store! i got a project bag made by a local artist-i luv it!

cardigans - nice people- a little crowded, nothin too unique. cozy….

Village spinning - smaller then i thought- but still wonderful! Got LOTS there. Apparently the sage cotton crop failed! So there is no hope in recreating the baby blanket that i knit Harper. I got white organic cotton instead..... :(

Rasmussen’s (cause it’s close…) - upstairs-half yarn half quilt- good prices, nothing too special yarn wise.

Eileen’s treasures -skipped 4 time hope to visit on the way back yarns at the adobe -omn

Scarlett Skein -awesome! i loved it! great people, great yarn, great prices! i wanted to stay and hang out for hours!!!!

Ball & Skein- skipped for time.

Sept 6th Happy Birthday Dad

Saturday September 6th was my Dad's B Day. We celebrated on Sunday with a southern fried dinner. Nick started smoking some ribs early, and we had sweet iced tea, fried okra, fried corn, cornbread, and of course- Bananna Pudding w/ vanniloa wafers for desert. It was great to have Tommy and Sarah (lil bro and lil sis) together....except for the part where they gang up on me and talk about all the horrible things i did to them when we were young.....drat them.

Here are some pics of the fam.......

Sarah, Me, Dad and Tom

Nick, ME, Harper, Dad, Tommy, Sarah

Harper and Dad

Sarah & Tommy

A lil Pic of the Lundy Fam....

A Rare picture of Tommy Holding Harper
a not so rare pic of Sarah holding Harper....:)