Friday, September 19, 2008

a little late...i know

So on August 23rd 2008- Venus Got Married!

Nick, Harper and I all drove up the 101 to SLO County to see her! (Of Course we stopped at EVERY yarn shop up till Solvang!)

Venus got married in a barn in Coyucus. It is a cute little beachy town. that has a little farm area on its edge. We had so much fun, besides yarn shops, we also went to the Green Acres Lavender Farm in Atascadero. That was awesome, they have a little giftshop with some nice little gifties.....i had fun.

Harper had a hard time though- it was her first roadtrip and at 6months all she really knows how to do is show us when she is uncomforatable....which she did.... a lot.....

All in all we had a pretty good time. Got to see my friend of 22years....if you can believe that....we met when i was 5...! wow.

Now.... about the yarn hopping:

I went to Santa Barbara- and i visited 3 yarn shops there. the Loop and leaf was so nice! i really wish we had a shop like that down here. I don' t think i would ever leave! This place is a tea house and a yarn shop! And it was the purr-fect place to hunker down with a good yarn and a cup!

Next i went to the Knit&Purl boutique is very nice, cute store! i got a project bag made by a local artist-i luv it!

cardigans - nice people- a little crowded, nothin too unique. cozy….

Village spinning - smaller then i thought- but still wonderful! Got LOTS there. Apparently the sage cotton crop failed! So there is no hope in recreating the baby blanket that i knit Harper. I got white organic cotton instead..... :(

Rasmussen’s (cause it’s close…) - upstairs-half yarn half quilt- good prices, nothing too special yarn wise.

Eileen’s treasures -skipped 4 time hope to visit on the way back yarns at the adobe -omn

Scarlett Skein -awesome! i loved it! great people, great yarn, great prices! i wanted to stay and hang out for hours!!!!

Ball & Skein- skipped for time.


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