Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sick Days. Yuck. Whoever invented this food poisoning thing was a real jerk. I haven been watching X Files reruns till my eyeballs fall out....However, in between bathroom runs, here i am- finally having time to post, yay.

Sooooooo... Here are a few things i have been working on.

This baby kimono from the Mason Dixon book was awesome and super fast!

Of Course i have to give props to Stephanie for her amazing mattress stitch, and patience to show me how...once again.

I am a little lost on how to close it. Here you can see it with what i think i will go with...Buttons. But no promises yet. I wish i could figure out how to secure the ribbon ties, but my brain doesn't work that way, i guess.

I also volunteered to make a prize for our Irvine Knitting Meet up groups 1 year anniversary. BTW, the party was quite fun. We have some really great members that i have actually seen more then once and that is a cool deal. :)

Here are the stitch markers that i made:

I also recently went to the Yarn Lady Bag Sale...I spent $205-but i saved over 300!!! And isn't that what is important here? I got Silk, Merino and Thaki Cotton, some Noro, and some wool that should make a fun hat. Here's the take home:

I also got my Scarf from my ISE4 partner! It's awsome, take a look!

She's from Chicago. She sent me some lovely Chai Tea, and some bath bubbles!

And last but not least...........the Puppy.

Nick and i got a Little terror...i mean puppy. We named him Greenbean Helikopter ...Kopter for short.

He is a Lab-Akita Mix and is almost 5months. He's already over 25lbs!

So, having a puppy is a lot of work...

but here are some of the cute moments....

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stitch & Pitch 5-22-2007 Dodgers v. Brewers

Dodgers Win!

i am sure that it was because of all the good knitting mojo!

Here is my special Stitch and Pitch Tanktop that i got at Cafepress.com

I got to represent!
The shirt says " Everybody loves a girl who knits!"

Stephanie, her husband Jason, Nick and I al took a bus from Alamitos Bay Yarn Co. in Long Beach to beautiful Dodgers Stadium.

Attention Angels: YOU NEED TO DO A STITCH AND PITCH. geesh.

The drive there was so quick it was awsome! Steph and i worked on our socks the whole way, and it felt like 5 minutes!

When we got there- we grbed our swag bag and headed to our seats-amongst...gasp...hundreds of knitters! un-gasp.

Here is the gang:

Here is wht I got away with...muahahahahaha! :

Ren Fair 5-19-07

Or should i say Booby Fair?

When did the whimsical fair of my childhood turn into a "who can squeeze into the tightest bodice and breath contest"?

I am not bitter. Just sad. It still had the flavor of my childhood memories but there seemed to be a lot more dirt, sex, and it's way more expensive when your parents aren't paying! geesh!
I did like the shows (cuz they're free...) and i liked the Dance Macabre. I liked how eerie it was when all of the sudden, the music died and they froze. That was cool.
I don't think i will be going for another 5 years though....

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Beach Day in March!

Nick and I went to the beach!

Monday, March 26, 2007

who's my daddy?

Is this a scarf? Is it calling out your name? It calls to me. It whispers....."i am soft...love me, knit me...."

I think it wants to be my ISE4 scarf... but i am just not sure yet. Sweet sweet alpaca. how i love thee.

Below is the scarf that never ends. it is the ony thing i have knit for my husband so far...and i cant finish it. I have reached a knitting black-hole. It's scary and dark in here.

Hello, hello, hello.......echo, echo, echo...basket weave, basket weave, basket weave......


Friday, March 2, 2007

Hi! More soon!