Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stitch & Pitch 5-22-2007 Dodgers v. Brewers

Dodgers Win!

i am sure that it was because of all the good knitting mojo!

Here is my special Stitch and Pitch Tanktop that i got at

I got to represent!
The shirt says " Everybody loves a girl who knits!"

Stephanie, her husband Jason, Nick and I al took a bus from Alamitos Bay Yarn Co. in Long Beach to beautiful Dodgers Stadium.

Attention Angels: YOU NEED TO DO A STITCH AND PITCH. geesh.

The drive there was so quick it was awsome! Steph and i worked on our socks the whole way, and it felt like 5 minutes!

When we got there- we grbed our swag bag and headed to our seats-amongst...gasp...hundreds of knitters! un-gasp.

Here is the gang:

Here is wht I got away with...muahahahahaha! :

Ren Fair 5-19-07

Or should i say Booby Fair?

When did the whimsical fair of my childhood turn into a "who can squeeze into the tightest bodice and breath contest"?

I am not bitter. Just sad. It still had the flavor of my childhood memories but there seemed to be a lot more dirt, sex, and it's way more expensive when your parents aren't paying! geesh!
I did like the shows (cuz they're free...) and i liked the Dance Macabre. I liked how eerie it was when all of the sudden, the music died and they froze. That was cool.
I don't think i will be going for another 5 years though....