Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaaack

Ok- I will try to keep this up. it is my goal. P.S. I now have a baby. She is the cutest baby on the planet. and is making little noises that mean- "hey- get your butt over here and pay attention to me before i cry" as i write here is a recent video...

Here are my current WIPs-

Log Cabin Blanket & Harper

and a Central Park Hoodie! (First Sweater Ever) woohoo


Stephanie said...

I'm sure Carrie must luuurve that video. :)

Cute baby you got there. I think the last time you posted I'd just announced you were pregnant!

Cat said...

Hey there, just dropping by to say hi!

Laura said...

yes yes, ia already admited to poor posting, i have a freaking baby- what do yo wnat from me?