Saturday, July 5, 2008

WENT ON THE KNIT AND CRUISE AT ALAMITOS BAY YARN CO. It was really relaxing! so great to sit and knit for 2 hrs with no baby. I love my meetup group! the people are so awesome to hang with! we had a great time- and we want to do it again, maybe rent our own duffy and have a hubby drive it! This way we can do it on a weekend!! great idea! We could have a parade!

Below: HAPPY 4th from Harper and her cousins Erin and Landon!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yarn Hop - Alamitos Bay & Liscat

So we went on this awesome yarn ho on saturday. I got lambs pride from Alamitos Bay Yarn Co. It's one of my favorite shops, 1- for layout, 2 for quality. i like the way it feels. However Liscat's new shop freaking rocks my socks right off! i wanted to hide in the back and live there! It's like the owner, Katrina, reached into my yarn shop dreams and made it a reality. If you are nearby- you have to go!


this is what i got on our trip......

Lambs Pride for Hedgehog. I started the hedgehog Sat Night and finished Tuesday Morning, crying baby and all! It was pretty fast!
and here it is: (no name for it yet- Diane has tramatized me on nameing my animals)

Don't get me started on issues i had with this. Lets just say- if you make this, try to get the funfur to be similar to the felting wool. And pink and black look a little like hairplugs. But Harper likes it! i also got this for Hedgehog #2..... i have higher hopes for this one.

and here is some handpainted Arucania- very nice!

I am on a "yarn diet" of's called "single income family" so i spent about $40 for the day. i also got this wonderful water bottle at Liscat!

and on the baby front....Harper is not rolling over! Yeah she did it like 3 times 2 weeks ago, and now, it's like she forgot! I guess I should be happy that she will stay imobile a little longer...but i really like it when she learns new tricks! :) We used some special cradle cap shampoo on her and it makes her hair greasy! see.....

more later...gotta go feed the baby.....again.